Frozen Fruit Pulp



All our frozen fruit pulps come in presentations of 150gr, 500gr, 1000gr and customized presentations.



We offer different combinations in our frozen fruit pulps, all our products are in presentations of 150gr, 500gr, 1000gr and customized presentations in sizes and flavors.

Sugar free

It contains no added sugar, preservatives, chemicals, emulsifiers, vitamins, colorings or artificial flavorings.

National Fruit

It means having the best Colombian fruit available at all times, thanks to its optimal cold storage system.

Guaranteed Quality

It is processed under the highest quality standards and periodically microbiologically tested.

We supervise the process

We monitor and supervise farmers to guarantee the quality of the fruits used in the process.

Fair Pricing

We avoid constant price fluctuations and manage low storage costs.


It does not depend on harvesting periods and we have availability all year round.


The best fruit in the country.