Fruit in Syrup

Fruit in Syrup

It is a product that we obtain by manual extraction and with strict quality controls with a soft, delicious and nutritious extract that we call frutitrocitos which is the best part obtained from the fruits in fruit in syrup.

They are usually consumed mostly, making smoothies, juices of one or mixtures thus obtaining refreshing and delicious drinks, you can enjoy it immediately, since with its delicious sweet taste is delicious.

Other alternatives are desserts, candies, compotes, ice creams and sponges that in combination with other products make magical and pleasing recipes to the palates of our innovative consumers, especially for those who like soft sweet products.

For the Christmas season it is used to decorate and flavor desserts and custards as well as to make sauce to accompany meals. It does not need freezing only refrigeration and its shelf life is 3 months.

The best fruit in the country