Who are we?


FRUVECOM S.A.S, is a Colombian company, created on July 22, 2008, dedicated to offer frozen fruit pulp, cut and frozen fruits, lemon juice, preserving its natural state. We are committed to the healthy nutrition of our customers, so we perform high quality processes, exhaustive selection of our inputs and suppliers, highly qualified personnel, and the commitment to select the best fruits of our country, supporting small farmers and generating priority employment to mothers heads of families, with whom we fulfill an important social work.

100% Natural

Healthy Products

Premium Quality

Our quality policy

We are committed to:

  • To produce products with high standards of quality and safety, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers and complying with the regulations.
  • All our processes are focused on design, innovation, quality assurance and excellence for the development of new formulations, performing technical-sanitary practices.
  • To comply with the continuous improvement according to the requirements of our customers, so that they consider us as their safe supplier, for this we have a trained, committed and qualified work team.